Changes log

- 2.4.3 (01/28/2020)
    - Bugs fixed
      - Allow parsing of double values like "2.0" or "4.0" being received in
        the Retry-After header. Issue #1355.
        Reported by Brett Cooper.
      - MemoryRealm.unmap method leads to ArrayOutOfBound exception. Issue #1358.
        Reported by j-perrin.

- 2.4.2 (11/13/2019)
    - Misc
      - Prepare the next release (2.5.0). The Apache HTTP Client extension is
      not deprecated anymore, while the EMF, JAX-RS, OAuth, OpenID and RAML
      extensions are deprecated before their removal.
      Issue #1347.
      - Eclipse p2 update site won't be maintained anymore and will be stopped
      before the end of november 2019. There is no impact on the Maven
- 2.4.1 (08/22/2018)
    - Bugs fixed
      - Make sure the Jetty server has released all resources when it fails to start. Issue #1311.
        Reported by primosK.
    - Misc
      - Upgraded Apache Solr dependency to 7.4.0 in order to prevent security issues
        (CVE-2015-8797, CVE-2018-1308, CVE-2015-8795, CVE-2015-8796, CVE-2014-3628, CVE-2017-3163).
        Issue #1331.
      - Upgraded Apache commons HttpClient dependency to 4.5.6 in order to prevent security issues
        (CVE-2014-3577, CVE-2015-5262, CVE-2014-3577).
        Issue #1330.
      - Upgraded Jackson dependency to 2.9.6 in order to prevent security issues
        (CVE-2017-15095, CVE-2017-17485, CVE-2017-7525, CVE-2018-7489, CVE-2018-5968,
        CVE-2016-7051, CVE-2016-3720).
        Issue #1329.
      - Upgraded commons-collections dependency to 3.2.2 in order to prevent security issues
        (CVE-2015-6420, CVE-2017-15708).
        Issue #1328.
      - Upgraded Spring dependency to 3.2.8.RELEASE in order to prevent security issues
        (CVE-2014-1904, CVE-2014-0054, CVE-2018-1271, CVE-2018-1270, CVE-2014-0225, CVE-2015-5211,
        CVE-2015-3192, CVE-2016-5007, CVE-2016-9878, CVE-2018-1272, CVE-2014-3578, CVE-2014-3625).
        Issue #1327.
      - Upgraded Jetty dependency to 9.4.11.v20180605 in order to prevent security issue
        (CVE-2017-9735). Issue #1326.
      - Upgraded fileupload dependency to 1.3.3 and commons.io to 2.6 in order to prevent
        security issues (CVE-2014-0050, CVE-2016-1000031 and CVE-2016-3092). Issue #1310.
        Reported by Arjohn Kampman.

- 2.4.0 (01/09/2018)
    - Enhancements
      - Added automatic deserialization of annotated exceptions in GWT edition. Issue #1306.
        Reported by Roland Beuker.
    - Misc
      - Refreshed copyright headers

- 2.4 Milestone 1 (10/28/2017)

    - Bugs fixed
      - Fixed parsing of Restlet Method annotations using JDK9. Issue #1285.
        Reported by adolski.
    - Enhancements
      - Upgraded JDK version 1.8.
      - Mavenify the common source code
    - Misc
      - Deprecated extensions Javamail, Lucene, Nio, Wadl.
      - Refreshed copyright headers.
      - Leveraged JDK's version of Base64.
      - Upgraded Jetty to version 9.3.21.v20170918. Leads to remove support of SPDY protocol.
      - Renamed apispark extension to platform, and removed the support of API description.
      - Removed deprecated extensions e4, JDBC, JSSLUtils, ROME, SDC, SIP, XDB, XStream.