We have already covered many aspects of the framework. Before you move on by yourself, let’s take a step back and look at two hierarchy diagrams showing the main concepts covered in this tutorial and their relationships:

Now, here is the hierarchy with the core Representation classes:

Beside this tutorial, your best source of information will be the Javadocs available for the Restlet API, the Restlet Extensions and the Restlet engine. Have also a look at the connectors section that lists all available client and server connectors and explain how to use and configure them, and the integrations section for a list of all available extensions providing pluggable features such as integration with servlet containers, generation of dynamic representations, etc. You can also post your questions and help others in our discussion list.


  • We encourage you to run the examples. The full source code is available in the latest release.
  • Thanks to Jean-Paul Figer, Christian Jensen, Jim Ancona, Roger Menday, John D. Mitchell, Jérôme Bernard, Dave Pawson, Peter Murray, Alex Combs and Leonardo Maranhão for the feed-back on this tutorial.