XMLDB Restet Adapter/Lucene/Maven - Services implemented

This documentation refers to Lucene Web Service with a deprecated URL: http://dev.lucene-ws.net

It seems that Lucene Web Service has moved to http://lucene-ws.sourceforge.net/docs.html and does not have the same API than it was

GET services are implemented because PUT methods are easier to perform using SQL interface. There is no limitation to implement PUT, POST and DELETE methods, but we think that SQL interface is a better place to do it.

Other services will be implemented soon to provide other services not available through SQL interface and Lucene REST WS API, for example to get term info.

Here a list of GET services implemented and his link to the specification

Resource Method Description Server Content Class
Service: http://dev.lucene-ws.net/wiki/ServiceAPI#GET GET Retrieves a list of indices AtomPP introspection document IndexesResource.java
Index: http://dev.lucene-ws.net/wiki/IndexAPI#GET GET Most recent modified documents Atom Feed IndexResource.java
Index: http://dev.lucene-ws.net/wiki/IndexSearchAPI#GETwithquery GET (with ?query) Searches the index Atom Feed QueryResource.java
Index.Properties: http://dev.lucene-ws.net/wiki/IndexPropertiesAPI#GET GET Retrieves the list of properties for the index Atom Entry IndexProperty.java
OpenSearch Description: http://dev.lucene-ws.net/wiki/IndexSearchAPI#GETopensearchdescription.xml GET Gets the OpenSearch Description document OSD Document IndexOpenSearch.java
Document: http://dev.lucene-ws.net/wiki/DocumentAPI#GET GET Gets a document from the index Atom Entry DocumentResource.java
Document GET (with /mlt at end) Gets a list of document like this (More like this) Atom Feed To be Implemented
Document GET (with /fieldName at end) Gets a list of term freq for a given term Atom Feed To be implemented