Enhanced Maven support

A long time ago, we offered a Maven distribution via our own Maven repositories and regularly we try to improve its quality, for example working with Buckminster users to adjust our Maven metadata. However, we use a custom forge based on Ant as our official build system and this has been causing some pains to Maven developers and putting some barriers for potential contributors.

Thanks to ideas and contributions from the community, we are now providing Maven POM files in our SVN repository as an alternative way to build Restlet. Of course, those POM files are the same that are distributed in our Maven repository and are consistently synchronized with our main Ant script to ensure that they don’t diverge in term of dependency versions for example.

For details on building Restlet with Maven, please read this short page on our developers wiki. Note that we have also adjusted our Maven GroupId (only “org.restlet” is used now) are redistributed third-party libraries are now packaged with a “org.restlet.lib.” ArtifactId prefix.

Licensing changes

Eclipse Public License 1.0 is an additional licensing option offered

OAuth extension

The OAuth extension available in Restlet 1.1 has been moved to the Restlet Incubator as it would require too much work to get aligned with the new Restlet security and resource APIs in version 2.0. Note that this is temporary and we definitely want to reintroduce this feature in Restlet 2.1.