The Restlet Framework is composed of two parts:

  • The Restlet Core (Restlet API + Restlet Engine implementing the API)
  • Optional Restlet extensions


The Restlet Framework lets you build complete Web applications by itself and is capable of leveraging other open source projects to facilitate tasks such as generation of dynamic representations, management of uploaded files, sending of mails, etc. There are two types of extensions.

The first one is for extensions built only on top of the Restlet API and typically provide new type of representations (JAXB, FreeMarker, JiBx, etc.) or support of important standards (Atom, WADL).

The second one covers extensions to the Restlet engine such as client connectors, server connectors and authentication helpers.


All extensions and their dependencies are shipped with the Restlet distribution by the way of JAR files. Adding an extension to your application is as simple as adding the archives of the chosen extension and its dependencies to the classpath.