JDBC extension


This connector is a client to a JDBC database. It is based on the JDBC API developed by Sun Microsystems and shipped with the JDK. Database connections are optionally pooled using Apache Commons DBCP. In this case, a different connection pool is created for each unique combination of JDBC URI and connection properties.


This connector supports the following protocol: JDBC.

The SQL request and other kinds of parameters (such as pooling) are passed to the client connector via an XML representation. Please refer to the JDBC client Javadocs for more details.

The Response provides the result of the SQL request as a RowSetRepresentation which is a kind of XML representation of the ResultSet instance wrapped either in a JdbcResult or in a WebRowSet instance. See the RowSetRepresentation for more details.

Here is the list of dependencies of this connector:

For additional details, please consult the Javadocs.