Serve static files

Do you have a part of your web application that serves static pages like Javadocs? Well, no need to setup an Apache server just for that, use instead the dedicated Directory class. See how simple it is to use it:

// URI of the root directory.
public static final String ROOT_URI = "file:///c:/restlet/docs/api/";


// Create a component
Component component = new Component();
component.getServers().add(Protocol.HTTP, 8182);

// Create an application
Application application = new Application() {
    public Restlet createInboundRoot() {
            return new Directory(getContext(), ROOT_URI);

// Attach the application to the component and start it

In order to run this example, you need to specify a valid value for ROOT_URI, In this case, it is set to “file:///c:/restlet/docs/api/”. Note that no additional configuration is needed. If you want to customize the mapping between file extensions and metadata (media type, language or encoding) or if you want to specify a different index name, you can use the Application’s “metadataService” property.