This extension aims at providing a comprehensive support for HTML in the Restlet Framework. The most common requirement is the manipulation of HTML forms


It is available in the org.restlet.ext.html package since version 2.1 (post-M5). Currently, it contains a replacement for the usual class that will be deprecated and adds support for multipart forms using the same Java API.

The FormDataSet class is a proper Restlet representation (which wasn’t the case of Form) and is capable of parsing HTML form data in URL encoding and to write in either URL encoding or multipart form data based on the “multipart” boolean property.

For additional information on both encoding, please see the HTML 4.0 specification, section 17.13.

Usage example

Representation file = new FileRepresentation(***);

FormDataSet form = new FormDataSet();
form.getEntries().add(new FormData("number", "5555555555"));
form.getEntries().add(new FormData("clip", "rickroll"));
form.getEntries().add(new FormData("upload_file", file));
form.getEntries().add(new FormData("tos", "agree"));

ClientResource cr = new ClientResource("");;