Atom extension


This extension provides support for the Atom standard. Atom is an evolution of the RSS standard that was introduced to remove know limitations and enable new features and usages, especially in the light of the REST principles.

Its main purpose it to define a format to represent Web feeds such as news feed. This is called the Atom Syndication Format.

The second purpose is to support the publication and modification of those Web feeds, remotely on the Web and in an interoperable manner. This is called the Atom Publishing Protocol (APP).


The Restlet extension for Atom provides a complete Atom API for both Web feeds and publication documents. This API is capable of both parsing and formatting Atom and APP XML documents compliant with the 1.0 specifications.

The two main classes you should use are Feed (an Atom XML feed) and Service (an AtomPub XML service descriptor) which are both subclasses of SaxRepresentation. As such instances of both classes can be directly returned as representation of your Restlet resources. They also support parsing via the constructors accepting a Representation parameter.

For an usage example, check the source code of the class.

For additional details, please consultĀ  the Javadocs.