This org.restlet package contains the most important classes of the Restlet API, mapping key HTTP and REST concepts to Java including:

  • Client: Connector acting as a generic client.
  • Component: Restlet managing a set of Connectors, VirtualHosts, Services and Applications.
  • Connector: Restlet enabling communication between Components.
  • Message: Generic message exchanged between components.
  • Request: Generic request sent by client connectors.
  • Response: Generic response sent by server connectors.
  • Server: Connector acting as a generic server.
  • Uniform: Uniform REST interface.

It also contains key framework classes:

  • Application: Restlet managing a coherent set of resources and services.
  • Context: Contextual data and services provided to a set of Restlets.
  • Restlet: Uniform class that provides a context and life cycle support.