Editions matrix


This table presents the list of extensions provided by the various editions of the Restlet Framework.

The core module including both the Restlet API and the Restlet Engine is shipped by all editions.

Extensions availability

Extensions Android GAE GWT JEE JSE OSGi Description
org.restlet.ext.atom   Support for the Atom syndication and the AtomPub (Atom Publication Protocol) standards in their 1.0 version.
org.restlet.ext.crypto   Support for cryptography.
org.restlet.ext.e4     Support for the WADL specification.
org.restlet.ext.emf     Integration with Eclipse Modeling Framework.
org.restlet.ext.fileupload     Integration with Apache FileUpload.
org.restlet.ext.freemarker     Integration with FreeMarker.
org.restlet.ext.gae           Integration to the Google App Engine UserService for the GAE edition.
org.restlet.ext.gson   Support for GSON representations.
org.restlet.ext.guice       Integration with Google Guice.
org.restlet.ext.gwt     Server-side integration with GWT.
org.restlet.ext.html   Support for the HTML (HyperText Markup Language) standard in its 4.0 version and above.
org.restlet.ext.httpclient     Integration with Apache Commons HTTP Client.
org.restlet.ext.jaas   Support for JAAS based security.
org.restlet.ext.jackson   Integration with Jackson.
org.restlet.ext.javamail       Integration with JavaMail.
org.restlet.ext.jaxb     Integration with Java XML Binding.
org.restlet.ext.jaxrs     Implementation of JAX-RS (JSR-311)
org.restlet.ext.jdbc       Integration with Java DataBase Connectivity (JDBC).
org.restlet.ext.jetty         Integration with Jetty.
org.restlet.ext.jibx     Integration with JiBX.
org.restlet.ext.json Support for JSON representations.
org.restlet.ext.jsslutils     Utilities to provide additional SSL support.
org.restlet.ext.lucene     Integration with Apache Lucene, Solr and Tika sub-projects.
org.restlet.ext.nio     Integration with java.nio package.
org.restlet.ext.oauth       Support for OAuth HTTP authentication.
org.restlet.ext.odata   Integration with OData services.
org.restlet.ext.openid     Support for OpenID authentication.
org.restlet.ext.osgi           Support for the OSGi specification.
org.restlet.ext.raml     Integration with RAML.
org.restlet.ext.rdf   Support for the RDF parsing and generation.
org.restlet.ext.rome     Support for syndicated representations via the ROME library.
org.restlet.ext.sdc       Integration with Google Secure Data Connector on the cloud side.
org.restlet.ext.servlet       Integration with Servlet API.
org.restlet.ext.simple         Integration with Simple framework.
org.restlet.ext.sip     Support for Session Initiation Protocol (SIP).
org.restlet.ext.slf4j       Support for the SLF4J logging bridge.
org.restlet.ext.spring     Integration with Spring Framework.
org.restlet.ext.swagger     Integration with Swagger.
org.restlet.ext.thymeleaf   Integration with Thymeleaf.
org.restlet.ext.velocity     Integration with Apache Velocity.
org.restlet.ext.wadl     Support for the WADL specification.
org.restlet.ext.xdb         Integration within OracleJVM via the Oracle XML DB feature.
org.restlet.ext.xml Support for the XML documents.
org.restlet.ext.xstream     Integration with XStream.