Debugging tools


As a set of pure Java library, the Restlet framework can easily be debugged in your favorite IDE. All the source code is available, making debugging session even easier by going inside the Restlet code if necessary.

A good way to start a debugging session is to put a breakpoint inside the handle() method or inside the constructor of your Resource subclass. Think also about turning one the access and application loggings.


Regarding protocol debugging, we recommend the you install tools such as:

  • cURL : command line HTTP client for Unix
  • WireShark : advanced network analyzer working at the IP or TCP or HTTP levels
  • RESTClient : Java/Swing graphical HTTP client
  • Poster : FireFox extension to test RESTful Web applications
  • Netcat : swiss-army knife for TCP/IP.
  • tcpmon : Java utility that monitors a TCP connection.
  • etc.