Extensions in version 1.1

  • Full support for WADL, a popular description language for RESTful application. It can be used to configure components, applications and resources. In addition, existing Restlet applications can be enhanced to dynamically expose a REST API documentation as either a raw WADL XML document or as a converted HTML document. This magic documentation feature, fully customizable, works by introspecting application resources and using an HTML template provided by Yahoo! Several features were sponsored by NetDev Ltd.

  • New JAXB extension for easy XML to POJO mappings. JAXB is a standard annotation-based API.

  • New JiBX extension providing an efficient and flexible alternative to JAXB for XML to object serialization.

  • New Spring extension to provide even more integration possibilities with Spring, Servlet and Restlet at the same time. The existing Spring API extension has also been improved based on user feed-back and contributions.

  • Atom extension has been updated to conform to the latest Atom Publishing Protocol specifications. The extension now allows both the retrieval and the writing of APP service documents and Atom feeds.

  • Extensive implementation of the JAX-RS 1.0 API (developed by JSR-311) was contributed by Stephan Koops. We are now waiting for access to the TCK for verification of completeness.

  • New OAuth extension was contributed by Adam Rosien, leveraging a new pluggable authentication scheme. OAuth is a standard related to OpenID for securing API authorization. It is typically used as secure way for people to give an application access to their data.

  • New XDB extension providing integration with Oracle embedded JVM contributed by Marcelo Ochoa.

  • New Restlet-GWT module provided as a port of the Restlet client API to the Google Web Toolkit 1.5 AJAX platform. This module also supports HTTP authentication.