Content negotiation

Content negotiation was rewritten to support all possible dimensions such as media type, language, character set or encoding.

CLAP client

Enhanced the CLAP connector to support a default authority (“class”) for shorter URIs (ex: “clap:///org/restlet/Uniform.class”). Added LocalReference#createClapReference(int, Package) and createClapReference(Package) methods to help building shorter CLAP URIs.

Internal HTTP connectors

The internal HTTP connectors were replaced with new ones based supporting the new asynchronous processing features in Restlet API. They are actually the only connectors for now, beside the GWT edition, supporting those new asynchronous capabilities which should be considered as a preview feature at this point. In version 2.1 we attempt to support them in alternative connectors such as Jetty, Grizzly and Netty.

In addition, the new design of the internal connector is asynchronous in nature and will provide you production ready performance when we leverage non-blocking NIO. This is working in the Restlet Incubator but is only planned for the next 2.1 version. For now, you should mainly use these connectors for development purpose and configure connectors such as Jetty and Apache HTTP Client when deploying to production.

Internal JAR and ZIP clients

Client connectors for the ZIP and JAR pseudo-protocols were added.

RIAP connectors

Added client and server RIAP connectors that use a protected singleton unique in the JVM.